Our Covid-19 Policies

To ensure that Infinity Circus comply with Covid-19 government policies the following changes have been made to the running of our company: 

  • All staff are required to wear their face masks for the entire duration that we are hired indoors although  masks are also to be worn during activities that have us near to members of the public such as stilts, peddle-gos and tightrope within our workshops (This policy is subject to be revised after the government's planned review regarding face masks and social distancing)

  • All staff are required to have hand sanitiser on their person at all times and to be used frequently throughout the day. During circus workshop activities such as stilts, peddle-gos and tightrope where hand to hand contact is necessary for safety reasons hand sanitiser is to be used before and after EVERY individual.

  • Stilt walkers are required to wear their masks at all times when indoors and outdoors in areas of high public congregation. Hand sanitiser is to be carried upon their person and used frequently throughout the day. High fives, handshakes and other hand contact with the stilt walkers is prohibited and social distancing is to be maintained at all times. The public and performers are to keep to the recommended social distancing guidelines when posing for photographs and interacting. (Subject to be revised after the government's planned review regarding facemasks and social distancing)

  • Circus workshop arenas will now need to be larger and will have zoned areas within the arena space for activities to ensure social distancing. Some equipment will not be available in the workshops until the rules regarding social distancing changes and more members of staff may be needed. Workshops can legally go ahead from 19th July assuming that the Covid roadmap goes to plan. 

  • Hand sanitiser stations are to be placed at the arena entrance with instructions for everyone to use BEFORE they enter the arena and when the leave. Workshops will now run on an hourly rota for public events to ensure that social distancing rules are followed appropriately. There will NOT be a booking system unless required by the event organisers, instead once the maximum number of participants have entered, the arena will then be closed off with the time of the next hourly slot displayed. (Subject to be revised after the government's planned social distancing review)

  • All equipment both public and personal is to be wiped down with an anti-bacterial cleanser by staff members wearing surgical gloves before and after every event and also after every hourly slot within the workshops. There will be a half hour break between each hour to ensure correct cleanliness is followed. For private workshops that are running on a drop in/drop out basis equipment will be regularly removed from the arena, wiped down and placed back out ready for use again. 

  • If any staff show signs on Covid symptoms they are to isolate for 10 days and replacement staff are to be assigned. In the unlikely event that no replacements can be found or multiple staff need to isolate a full refund of the deposit will be given. 

  • In the event that lockdown restrictions are tightened once more meaning that your event cannot take place we will hold your deposit until a replacement date can be made even if that date is the following year. If requested we will of course refund the deposit however that will mean that your event will not be held against another potential booking for the same date and instead will resume our first come first served basis. Those that hold their deposit will get priority booking over any other events. 

We understand that policies and restrictions have the potential to change at short notice and we will be as flexible as possible however we do ask that our clients be patient with us whilst we change our policies and working conditions accordingly. In busy periods it may take us a little longer to get in contact but we will make sure we get round to everyone and thank our clients for being understanding. 

A planned review of these restrictions will be carried out following the next stage of the lockdown restrictions easing on the 19th July 2021