Violet Fire Fans Act

The ring-mistress of the circus, Violet has been entertaining crowds for the last 19 years, she started when she was just 12 years old and has vast array of skills and costumes. Specialising in hula hooping, staff twirling, fan dancing, fire entertainment and stilt walking. Violet is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

Violet has an extensive CV and has been seen at many events performing from Devon to Sussex and all-around London and Essex. She has been seen at many Christmas events, parades, PRIDE and LGBTQ events, town shows, charity events, weddings, fetes and last year adding carnivals, festival and Cursed Halloween event to her list of appearances.



Blue Sicx Compering The Fire Show

Blue Sicx

Blue has been a circus performer and compere for around 8 years. Blue has always had a passion for all things circus and brings something a little different to the stage. Specialising in contact juggling, club/ball juggling, staff twirling, stilt walking and has started fire performing. We must also include his easy conversation with the public and witty one liners, making him the perfect compere for our performances, adding an element of fun to every act.

Blue's compere greatness has been seen across Essex and London. He is frequently seen at Collier town, Billericay, Havering and Canvey Island Christmas events, and most recently at Cursed Halloween event.



Glow Worm poi spinning in Hornchurch high street

Glow has been a stage performer for the last 10 years. Starting off as a dancer, Glow is no stranger to the world of stage lights and costume changes. Specialising in poi spinning, staff twirling, fire performing and stilt walking (using kangaroo stilts) with an array of costumes. Glow adds the element of style to the circus and will leave your guests amazed by his skills. 

He has an incredible CV and has been seen bouncing around London for their New Year's Day parade, Canvey Island, Billericay, Collier Row, PRIDE and LGBTQ events, weddings and many carnivals and events around Essex, Sussex and Norfolk.




Lunah club juggling at Jumpin' at the Woodside

Lunah is the youngest performer in the circus, she started performing 6 years ago and is quickly becoming one of our most talented entertainers. Lunah is the only female juggler in our circus, she also specialises in poi spinning, staff twirling and hula hooping. Most recently branching out to include fire performing in her repertoire. Using an array of colourful costumes Lunah brings her fun and cheeky personality to her acts and coupled with her amazing skills she will not disappoint.

Lunah's CV consists of London New Year's Day Parade, Billericay and Canvey Island Christmas events, Havering Town Show and many more.



Fyre as Alice in Wonderland at a Bupa event

Fyre has been performing for a few years and is blossoming in the industry. She is a little shy but has some amazing potential. She is an amazing staff twirler and is a whizz with a devil stick. Living up to her name, Fyre is one of our very talented fire performers.

Fyre has been seen at many events in Essex and London including the London New Years Day Parade, Havering Town Show, Collier Row, Hornchurch and Billericay parades, many workshops and Battersea power station charity events.





Mr Zanco as the Mad Hatter at a Bupa event

Mr Zanco is the oldest performer in our circus, he has had many years of experience teaching and performing around Essex and London. Martin prefers to work at height and is one of our very talented stilt walker and balloon modeller. He has many colourful costumes to suit any theme and is great working at both kids and adult's events.

He has been seen at many events around Essex and London, Sussex, Collier Row and many workshops and charity events.




Twisted Sarah posing during a photoshoot with her hoop

Sarah lives up to her name as a contortionist. She is an acro-balancer, hula hooper and side show artist. Sarah is an incredible performer with her daring and amazing acts. Her skills lie on stage performing, usually performing immense fire tricks and her confidence blows people away.

Sarah also has something new to bring to the circus coming soon!

Sarah has been seen at events in Essex and London and has performed with The Circus of Horror's as the pickled lady, squeezing herself into a bottle on stage in Southampton. She most recently performed with Infinity Circus at Cursed Halloween event.





Spyros performing with his diabolo at a christmas event

 Spyros has been performing for almost 10 years and is a whizz with a diabolo, staff twirling and stilt walking. He has an array of bright and colourful costumes to suit any theme. Spyros is soon to be joining the performance team with his very own acts coming soon for 2021

He has been seen at events in Essex and London, performing in the London New Years Day Parade, Havering Town Show and Billericay and Canvey Island Christmas light switch on events. 




Jesca Spin

Jesca joins the troupe new for 2021 as part of the  instructor team teaching at workshops and parties around the UK.

Jesca is first  and foremost an incredible hula hooper although she has many other skills such as Juggling and Poi Spinning . Jesca adds a much loved excited energy to the circus, her easily approachable personality and friendly smile along with her skills make her an asset to Infinity Circus and we are excited to see her at more events as the years go forward.

Jesca’s first appearance with Infinity Circus was at a corporate party event in London


Andreas Fortis

Andreas joins the Performance team for 2021.

The strong, silent type and specialising in acrobatic and strength based skills. A national award wining aerialist with his grace, strength and flexibility and we are lucky to introduce him to you.


Andreas joins his acrobatic skills with Twisted Sarah and together they form the duo known as Double Glazing.


Catch them performing at events around the UK. Usually you’ll find them head and shoulders (and knees and toes) above the rest